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Thomas Desmond
Sitecore Developer Advocate

Hi, I'm Thomas 👋

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My name is Thomas Desmond and I am a Developer Advocate at Sitecore and a former Senior Software Engineer. I was also a University Instructor for 3 years 👨‍🏫, teaching hundreds of students about mobile app development. I enjoy writing code myself and find even more joy in helping others succeed in code as well.

I have this site to share my thoughts and things I learn day to day while programming. A few personal articles make it in as well, so I can remember some of my favorite camping trips ⛺

Over the past few years, my “hobbies” have been speaking at conferences, creating technical video course content, and maintaining this site.

Please send a message if you've made it here today: Twitter @ThomasJDesmond, LinkedIn, GitHub

Check out my Events Page, to see past and upcoming events I will be participating in.

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